I have no idea how to put the pictures side by side. I give up. These are my sisters who are the funniest humans I know.

I am missing them more than usual. I miss that madness, that laughing and their intelligence and humour.

Wins will say, “Come, let’s watch Bob!”

“Can we please watch a whole song!”

“ja! Ja!” She says, but she doesn’t mean it. I get the opening of a song, and then she remembers a better one. She jumps to that. I just settle into it, and she jumps to another. This never changes. Not in all the years we have been alive.

Bren is different. When she lived below my bedroom I woke up to Eros Ramazzotti or Pavarotti on Sunday mornings. The sound travelled up and it was a perfect start to the day.

Wins calls this one vokela vokela ~ we don’t understand the language.

If you meet my sisters they will have you in stitches in two minutes and your jaw will ache by the time you leave. I have been drunk more times than I can remember having a beer with Wins. She doesn’t get drunk or have hangovers. Me, on the other hand…. I get drunk smelling a beer. If I drink wine, she keeps filling my glass without me realising and then … but we do laugh ourselves stupid.

My sisters are collectively called, The Beans. Our family has a knack of creating apt nick names. I forget how we got to Beans. They call me Bozzie.

In my twenties I came home from … and had a date one night. I wore a cat suit that was red and white stripped, with a wide patent leather red belt and a red rose on my lapel. Red lipstick. Well… Wins nearly fell off her chair! Even my serious father who wasn’t given to laughing at us or our clothes couldn’t help himself, but she was beside herself with laughter.

“What?” I demanded.

“You can’t wear that!” She said laughing even more.

“Why not?” I thought I looked fabulous.

“You look like Boswell Wilkie Circus.!” She said. Poor Dad couldn’t help himself. He laughed out loud. You can imagine. I was mortified. What works in one city does not in another. Perhaps the other city was less honest. Oh, Lord!

That was the end of that. I only ever wore it to bed from then on. I soon gave it away. My name started out as Boswell, and got shortened to Boz or Bozzie.

They poke fun at me all the time. It is not hard. I am a bit odd. But then, “I love you more than blood,” she says.

EDIT: [I did not know that “I love you more than blood,” is a quote from Bob Dylan. My apologies. But then Wins loves Bob so much, I should have guessed. Just to set the record straight.]

Best Blessings.