I never thought I’d see the day! I actually don’t know what to say about my stupid infatuation with Obama. Ugh! Anyway… I did not even get a t-shirt. Moving on.

CNN is painfully one sided in its reporting and Epoch Times unsettles me at 3.00 a.m. I don’t know what to say about j b. A non-president if there ever was one. If they thought Trump was scary…

Are white people going to go extinct before or after Armageddon? We seem to be the source of all black maladies. And Rhino horns seem to be the medicine.

We did not hate black people in my country, but as time goes by we don’t even think about them anymore. If they couldn’t prosper with every opportunity offered to them, that is on them.

There is a matter of desire that is required, but desire is either too much of a burden or it is unknown. If all one’s hope amounts to a meal of sorts and shelter for the night then no one is going to get to Mars.

To want something one needs to first imagine it before one can act to acquire such a thing. And then, sadly, one needs the freedom to act to gain to keep that which one desires. And, America has lost the dictionary. They don’t know what freedom is anymore. They want Stalin. And we do too. I think. It seems. When we manage to think. Only we don’t call it that. We call it copying. Whatever China tells us to think, we will think that. Chinese are not white. They can be trusted. On Forbes only one man said China was a huge threat. The rest said, nah… we got this …

In my country if you are black and you acquire some fortune, your neighbours will kill you before they see you do better than them. Many hide wealth. They dress like all the other unimaginatives. I only know this because I was able to prosper two families in a township. One was accused of rape of a minor and driven out of the province let alone the town and the other ran away before he got murdered. Also to another province. Here you had better not even think of dreaming of better days as my Ouma used to say.

White South Africans are long hated and with America’s sudden demand for black everything as well, the level of hatred and exclusion may go up a notch. Will black churches will bring us soup?

I have to laugh. We probably would rather die than eat their soup just like they would rather starve than eat our soup.

I can’t care anymore. Dear God, it has been one stupid darned thing after another. I am so fortunate. I am old enough to not fear death. I fear only God.

And America withdrawing its 120 troups out of Israel is enough to make me want to vommit. Do you think we care? Is his brain in his head? The Lord said, vengeance is mine. So, just saying… you might want to think about that a bit, while you fall up and down aircraft steps.

I wish I could say I am over it. I am not. I am going to whinge a lot more before I am over it. But we must remember that words become things.

I saw a novel advertised. Apparently there are no heroes or villains, but the writing is awesome. Grey, not black and white like most other novels have. I am so not inspired to read it.

And just to remind everyone: we is almost always the royal we, me.

I do hope this week is going to be a grand one for you all and me. Let’s think happy thoughts. Heaven is real. Dying means we get there faster. So bring on the next 5 days of work.

I am going to be watching Resurrection all week and lament when it’s finished.


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