And now Ertugrul’s wife is setting his horse free to join his peers.

This horse! If I could weep I would. The beautiful white horse holds his head high. After all, horses just know stuff.

Scoundrels smile in collusion. Weakness is revealed. Cunning is a merit. Shame smiles at the innocent accepting fraudulent praise. But the hoofs are still clopping and …. Ertugrul’s horse has found him! My heart rejoices. I feel close to these two. No need for tears! And another horse is set free if he chooses. And he does choose it.

I can’t exactly get my face out of this story. On the upside I knit faster. My grandson will have his jersey by Monday I think.

I never thought I would be a knitting granny. But then I did not think I would live this long.

I am bent on bed when Ertugrul rides in on his white horse and the jaws of villains drop open and their lips quiver with fear.

And, the drums beat. And the glorious man is in time to save the tribe for certain ruin. YAY!

I can go to bed early.


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