We are hungry for heroes. This is a dangerous time. Our desperation to find someone to lead, someone who makes sense to everyone, may lead us to the dude who is going to seem like manna from heaven.

We have a way to go before we really, really want that dude.

Watching the news about Israel is just awful. For everyone. I hear the Palistinians more clearly now, but … it is Israel, and … the Lord only knows right now. I don’t think I can judge any of the pieces on this chessboard. I only know God has got this.

Is there anywhere that the people are happy with their lot?

If you drive about Cape Town there is a calm that deceives. Behind the walls there is much lack and much less than there used to be. In the townships I am sure there is great lack, but I think everyone shares and everyone stays alive. Unless the lack drives men to murder. And it does. Often. But there are no headlines. Just the government moves and shifts and dodging. I can’t even comment on this. I just don’t know why we choose to mess things up. But for now we obey the traffic rules even though some towns have lost much of the tar on their roads and deep potholes are an accepted state of being in some areas.

If Ertugrul is lying with his cheek in the earth, then it is the desire to destroy the excellent that has done it. We tend to murder men who know how to lead and bring peace and prosperity to the nation.

The world will be subdued eventually. They will stop protesting and and and and …

They will consider it peace. Ideas will die and “the nothing” and “the cruel” will rule if we don’t get with the program (the Torah). I keep thinking about Joshua.

God is watching. Let no one be fooled about that. Cause and effect is a spiritual law of the universe. Like gravity. And let’s not forget, “karma is a bitch and then you die.”

Meanwhile, winter has arrived at last with whooing winds and rain clouds. The offspring drown out the lonely wail of the wind with shrieks of delight, couch jumping and some cartoon with villains and heroes. I am not sure how these little people judge that aspect. My lot immitate the physical high jumps and shouts.

I have been sitting in the front glassed in verandah with windows open while I smoke. I can’t do it much longer. The troops are restless.


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