Sonya / Sasha Sargeant Hitchner has two official names. Sasha is her known-as name, but she was born Sonya Merle DeKlerk, adopted and became Sonya Merle Erkens, which changed to Robson when she married the first engineer. Then she married an engineer again and became Sargeant. She married her last engineer and became Hitchner. Since she has children born Sargeant, she keeps this name as an add-on. She lives with her housemate, Henry, in peace.

2022 – my unsuccessful beanie.

She writes because she must. She knits because it’s instrumental to making stuff. She is a bit of an artist when the mood takes her. Knitting is currently her main creative exercise.

Unfinished painting

She is autistic. No offense, but she can’t tell when others are being serious or joking. She doesn’t get most jokes. She, herself, is not funny. But, she laughs madly in Venom and The Big Bang Theory.

She has only found one other person who laughs at the same stuff. Henry. He has proved that she is not mad, doesn’t create chaos, follows instructions, and her only failing is her memory, at times, when she’s absorbed in engaging in three different activities at once, and she breaks glasses by hitting them on the tap. An eye condition gave her depth perception problems. She’s a hermit. She goes out, but only when there is no option.

She smokes, eats sweets and sometimes food.


Last, but not least, she is a Christian. She hopes to reach just someone one day and make them want to pursue a life with God as opposed to without God. She has done both. With God is better.

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